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Get back to balance, health and wellbeing.

I help you determine and correct the root cause of your stress and become your best self

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  • I have received great balances from Grant. I always get very valuable "Aha!" moments to understand the issue behind the issue.

    Adriana S, Sydney

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  • Awareness Institute

    Level 1, Suite 103, 20 Chandos St

    St Leonards, NSW 2065

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    Some of our common successes


    We are all facing many unforeseen changes to our work, our families and our environment. When our mind is focused on the problems and resultant conscious and subconscious thoughts and emotions, we lack the resources to think and see our problem clearly, and then take constructive action


    Stress is a natural experience of life,  and in healthy amounts is required for us to feel fulfilled. However it is more and more common, and the intensity and length of stress is increasing.  Social media and other technologies are also preventing us from disconnecting from our stress and resourcing ourselves to be effective.


    We all experience events and circumstances which affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. The effects of trauma can be stored in the body, our brain and central nervous system, organs, chakras, meridians and other structures. It affects us consciously and subconsciously. 

    How I can help

      BKP Kinesiology

      Derived from PKP, a Kinesiology system by a GP (Doctor) from New Zealand named Bruce Dewe, this is a popular strand of Kinesiology treating the body holistically via a triangle of health


      Formulated by Phillip Rafferty, this combination of Kinesiology and Reiki delivers powerful balancing of organs, glands, chakras, and other structures of the body, as per the testimonials in their website - our most popular modality

      Neuro - Linguistic Programming

      A collection of techniques including Time Line Therapy® to bring about change in how our mind processes information, which changes our state, which drives our behavior, which governs our results

      EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

      Known as EFT Tapping, a safe, non-invasive technique to restore emotional balance and clear emotional stress by leveraging our understanding of meridians. Anyone can learn this to keep themselves balanced

    I combine Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. I work with the body and mind to offer new approaches to "illness/disease". I am not a medical doctor, so I do not treat diagnose or prescribe. Rather than treating the symptoms of illness, we are muscle testing for and correcting the root causes of problems in the body and the mind.

    I have protocols for the following problems...




    Chronic Pain


    Self Sabotage

    TMJ Issues


    and more...

    Remote Sessions

    Advances in Kinesiology and Reiki now enable us to offer sessions remotely to clients. Many clients feel that these sessions are of the same or even higher quality than the sessions they receive in person, especially when accounting for the convenience of saving travel time, and experiencing risk of travel in these COVID times.  

    We recommend remote sessions using Skype, or Zoom or even phone, however other options are available.

    My Clinic

     I rent clinic space in The Awareness Institute located in St Leonards, Sydney. They also offer training in a number of alternative mind and body modalities, as per their site.

    It is a short 4 minute walk from St Leonards station, and there is 2 hour metered street parking.  



    Practicing 5 Years

    Remote Sessions 


    Some of the success stories

    Expect to see major progress within three to five sessions

    I recently had a Kinesiology session via Skype with Grant. He has a depth of knowledge and techniques and really helped me to get to the source of my issue and I now have so much more clarity in my Business vision. Thank you Grant.

    Melissa D

    I have had sessions with Grant in person and via distance receiving kinesiology. I’m always amazed at the depth of knowledge Grant has about energy, healing and the like. I always leave a session feeling lighter and have had some extraordinary sessions with Grant. Thank you, I’m blessed to have you on my team.

    Suzie K

    Grant is knowledgeable and understands how the body and mind work and the impact that stresses can have on them. He listens carefully to what the client really requires and asks the right questions to deliver results. I left our session a lot lighter and a lot more focused on my goal.

    Azar M

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    The first session is important to complete a questionnaire and gather information about the problem or issue, and a basic medical history.

    Initial consultation – 1.5 hours    AU$110.00

    Standard consultation – 1 hour   AU$110.00

    Extended consultation – 1.5 hours   AU$160.00

    5 h Session Pack: AU$500

    10 h Session Pack: AU$900

    When purchasing a Session Pack, the sessions are paid for up front and must be booked at mutually convenient times within 9 months of purchase. Cancellations/postponements must be requested 48 hours prior to session time to prevent a cancellation fee of 50% of the session cost.

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